First let’s understand What’s NAT ?

As name suggests it translates an address to another.

Now, for devices to communicate on the internet, they need a public IP address. But since IPv4 addresses are limited and the devices on the internet are flooding every day, we can’t give public IP to every device on earth. So, to solve this we made a Private IP address concept. We give private IP addresses to devices on the same network.( Imagine your home network, devices connected to your WIFI). Now all devices inside a network have a private IP, which is private so…

Global IP Allocation Flow

All devices which are on the internet have an IP address. Be it your phone, laptop or smart tv.

We all know the ISP(Internet Service Provider) provides public IP to the router, which gives private IP addresses to them(the devices) through DHCP service.

But who is providing the IP to ISP ?

So the short answer to this is IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority).

IANA allocates the unallocated IP addresses. But to whom ?

To answer this we need to understand a Hierarchy.

Here, I’ll talk about the distribution of IPv4 addresses.

RIR(Regional Internet Registry) eg. …


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